Top 12 Perfect Online Jobs For College Students


When you're in college, you need to have some money to play around with or pay expenses. Getting a job on or off campus can be a major pain, but luckily, you can find one right where you are now. 

There are literally hundreds of online jobs for college students. Out of these, here are 5 of the best ones you can start as early as today.

12 Online Jobs for Students That You Can Turn Into a Career or a Business from Home

The good thing about online jobs is that they offer you flexible working hours so you are able to concentrate on your studies as well. They can boost your resume, give you fair pay and stimulate you mentally besides keeping the interest going. 

There is, however the need to choose legit jobs so your efforts don't get wasted along the way instead of coming in handy for you. Here are some of the top legit online jobs you can take up.

1. Online surveys

Market research has become very important for companies in the development of products, services and campaigns that fetch the desired impact and reaction from the target audience. 

You can participate in the surveys to help such companies attain their strategies as you get paid in the process. Find legitimate survey sites, register and take part in the surveys to get your money and other incentives.

2. Game playing

This might not sound realistic, but it is actually possible for you to get paid playing games. It is a fun job for students who love the gaming world and will fetch you money as you enjoy the games. 

Most game publishers use game testers to run and test new games and this way you can make money. There are also online companies willing to pay new members to the gaming sites as a way of boosting the popularity of such sites. 

You will find several gaming sites open to students.

3. Writing content

If you enjoy reading and writing, you might be just fit for this job. Your writing skills can take you higher and earn you a decent living while still in school. 

Your own creativity can set you apart and streamline your income when taking part in writing content. 

Fortunately the writing jobs are not that hard to find since there are reputable sites you can rely on to ensure all your efforts get rewarded.

4. Freelancing

It is another great job option for students and one that does pay off. The good thing about freelancing is that you get to choose what you are good at and offer your services to those who need them the most. 

It could be anything from writing articles, blog posts, virtual assistant jobs and handling accounting projects among many others. 

There are sites with comprehensive lists of available jobs you can do in your own time to make money. This is one of the best online jobs for college students, especially for the numerous choices available.

5. Online Tutoring

This may seem unlikely, doesn't it? If you think back to high school or middle school, this was usually done face to face. In many places, it still is. 

However, a growing number of individuals are finding that online tutoring is very helpful considering students can send in homework or term papers and have a tutor help them with their work. Plus, there are always phone call services such as Skype. 

This trend is especially good for tutors who have an area of specialty such as medicine, law, math, and the sciences, but even English majors can surely help with term paper writing. 

Not only that, parents are searching for online tutors to help their children-either as a supplement for their public education or help with homeschooling.

6. EBook Writer

Whether you're a non-fiction or creative writing major, you can make money writing EBooks online. 

Many people purchase EBooks every year online, so there is need for EBook writers because many marketers are not top-notch writers. 

You can even start a business writing EBooks in a target market related to your major. A lot of people will pay nicely for the services of a ghost writer, and your employer will do all the marketing for the book. 

Once you're hired, your employer will explain what they want and you simply write it. Not a bad way to make cash. 

Although, make sure you have several writing samples for non-fiction or a fiction chapter ready in your portfolio in order to get hired.

7. EBook Researcher

So, you don't want to be an EBook writer and that's okay. There are plenty of online marketers or writers who need individuals who can pull all the research necessary for writing an EBook. 

From finding the most updated web resources to looking through books in the library for quotes and facts, you can use those research skills you've perfected in college to use towards a part-time job. 

Plus, this is a great way to add references and job experience to your resume before you look for employment after college. 

Most online marketers and writers will pay up to several hundred dollars on research for an EBook so this is a great job for the savvy student who can research and collect data quickly. Not a bad part-time job.

8. Online Shop Owner

Do you know how to make something other people will want to buy? Maybe you can make sweaters, scarfs, hats, or t-shirts with cool sayings. If you can make it, you can sell it. 

One of the best places to sell your handmade items is Etsy, but you can also sell on eBay or Zazzle.

9. Advertiser for Merchants

If you don't have something you can sell, you could sell other people's services and products. This is usually called affiliate marketing. 

You simply build a website, attract visitors to it, and then advertise the services or products. If people who visit your site buy something from the company you're promoting, you get commission on the sale. 

You can find merchants by going to ClickBank, Plimus, Linkshare, Markethealth, and Commission Junction.

10. Website Designer

Do you know how to create a website from scratch? If so, you could start designing websites for people who want to promote their business online. 

There are tons of people who want this done for them because they don't have the technological background to do it. 

Simply go to sites like Elance, oDesk, and Freelancer to find many people who will pay you to build a website for them. 

All you have to do is submit a proposal highlighting your experience and provide some samples of your work. If your proposal is chosen, you get to create the website and get paid for it.

11. Professional Blogger

If you have an opinion, love to write, and can write well, you could become a professional blogger. You can be a blogger for just about any industry out there today. 

You just have to search for businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies seeking a blogger for their websites. You can do this with a simple Google search like "blogger wanted," "sport blogger needed," and "write for us." 

If you can't find many opportunities that way, you can turn to Craigslist searching through all of the posts in the "writing gigs" categories of every city.

12. Virtual Assistant

Running an online business is a lot of work, and many people need someone to help them out. As a virtual assistant, you could do everything from sending emails to posting on social networks. 

You will basically do whatever the person you are working for wants you to do, and it's all online.

If you can read, write, research, and you have an Internet connection, you can definitely work one of these part-time online jobs for students. 

Finding a job in college can be tough when you have classes during weird hours of the day. It's important to have a flexible schedule so you can work a job that will pay more than $2 an hour. That's why these jobs are simple perfect. 

They have great hours, flexibility, and you don't need any specialized training that you haven't already received through your university classes. Consider getting started today.

Online jobs for college students are numerous and they can make a difference in a student's life. It is however only beneficial when you select legit jobs with the potential of getting you value for the efforts put in.

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