How to Track Live Mobile Number Location using GPS?


Are you looking for information on how to track a cell phone number maybe because you are getting prank calls from unknown phone numbers? Or maybe you are suspecting that you spouse may be cheating on you due to the number of time a particular number shows up on his or her call records. 

Or maybe you are trying to trace a friend of yours but all you have his a cell phone number. Whatever the reason may be, you are one of the thousands looking for information on how to track a cell phone number. 

How to Trace a Mobile Phone Location Easily From Home

There are so many ways one can trace a land line number as there are so many directories that will work for land line numbers but there is no free directories to trace a mobile phone number.

Why is there no free directories? This is because there are so many privacy laws in existence that protects the rights of a cell phone owner. 

The only way to trace a mobile phone number back to it owner in the past was to buy some expensive tracking equipments, and the use of these equipments was mainly by official organisations such as the CIA. 

However, advances in technology have made it possible for virtually everyone with a computer and internet access to trace a mobile phone number back to it owner right from the comfort of their respective homes.

How is this possible? There are so many ways to track a cell phone number. One of such is searching the number on search engines to see if something pops up. Using the search engines is however dependent on if the owner of the said number has entered his or her number any where on the internet.

A very good method that is 98% certain to get you the details behind any type of phone number is the use of paid services. 

These services work by gathering infromation available on the public domain and through the use of some expensive equipment. 

These paid services are far ahead of the curve when it comes to the information you can get under 5 minutes for a ridiculous cheap price!

What is the price? You can trace any type of phone number with a paid directory for as little as $14.95 and you can decide to sign up for the unlimited access for just $39.95.

What Information will I get? Well for starters, you will be given the full name and the current address of the owner of the number, just like the public directories for land line numbers. But in addition to that, you will also get the following information:

  • Issuing location
  • Owner's previous addresses
  • A list of relatives and neighbors and known associates
  • Average income and home value associated with the address
  • Marital status and name of partner (if user is married).

This is very important information that you will never get using any other methods. However, you need to be very careful when choosing a directory to use as not all of these directories are very good.

How to Find the Exact Location for a Phone Number

Thanks to modern technology, people are able to identify callers using their caller IDs for both mobile phones and landlines. 

You don't have to keep asking yourself any more who the caller might be since the name is already flashing on screen. But there are times when you might get calls from people you do not know or have no information about.

Have you ever wondered how to track down the location for a phone number that was unknown to you? If you've received a missed call notification from an unknown caller and would like to know how to identify him or her, or at least know where the caller is calling from, here are some helpful steps on how to do so:

If the caller rung your cell phone number, make sure to note it down on a piece of paper or save it in your contacts book. If you were able to get the telephone number via caller ID, you should note the number down too.

Having an area code map nearby can be very handy in pinpointing the unknown caller's location since most phone numbers displayed contain the area code or the country code. If you're from the United States, for example, you will be able to find and track down the caller based on the area code, which is comprised of three digits then the 7-digit telephone number.

If in case you do not have an area code map with you or around the house, you can simply look on the internet for the location of a phone number. 

First use the search engines then surf through the websites that offer phone number look-up services. You can do this in just a minute by typing in the 3-digit area code in the search engines and hitting the Enter button.

Knowing who the caller of an unknown number is will not only give you information regarding the location of the caller but will also tell you if the person is someone you know or someone who could be potentially dangerous to you. 

In most cases, people receive unknown calls from telemarketers who would like to sell their products to you, so if you've received similar calls before and have no idea who they are from, you can finally watch out for these calls and not have to pick up for them again in the future.

You can use reverse phone look-up services in order to retrieve the information of the caller based upon the phone number itself. 

There are websites that offer such services as well as services that can help you locate callers based on unlisted phone numbers. 

So assuming you're looking for a particular person but don't have his or her phone number, you can use to be able to track it down.

Locate a Person by Cell Phone Number - 3 Things You Must Know Before Using Cell Phone Number Locator

Nowadays, you can easily locate a person by cell phone number without any special technology as it used to be. All you need is the area code and the seven digit number you want to get information from and a cell phone number locator. Before going any further you must know these three things though:

1. Choose a Web Site that Specializes in Cell Phone Number Locator

Although it seems pretty simple, it is not. There are tons of web sites on the internet offering the best services, what they do not tell you, is that not every directory has access to mobile numbers data but only to land line like your home telephone number which is very different since land line are considered public domain information, therefore they are easier to track down.

2. Locate a Person by Cell Phone Number - Information You Will Receive 

Before choosing any service, it's very important to know what kind of information you will receive and how accurate and updated is. This is very important because only few web sites will give you access to information like:
  • The Owner's Name
  • Current Address with Google Map View
  • Other Phone Numbers Belonging to the Owner
  • Phone Company and Carriers
  • Household Members
  • Possible Neighbors and Relatives

3.- What about My Privacy?

Most people don't consider the importance of this issue. Please, make sure the web site maintains your search private. Imagine how bad it would be if the stranger or the owner of the mobile number realized that someone (you, in this case) is using a cell phone number locator to find out more information about him. 

The most important thing when searching a cell phone number locator is to make sure that your search will be kept private. Therefore you must choose a secure service. For more information about a trusted and certified web site go to:


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